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Episode 23 Knife Skills

Josh interviews Thomas F. Lennon and Brandon Chrostowski, Director and principle from the Oscar-Nominated Documentary “Knife Skills” Full Episode Preview Transcript A full PDF Transcript of Episode 23 of Decarceration Nation. My Guests: Thomas F. Lennon is an Oscar-Winning Documentarian and two-time Peabody Award Winner. Brandon Chrostowski is the owner and creator of the Edwin’s […]

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JOsh and Jay Mo X at the 2018 ACLU membership conference in DC

Episode 22: Juvenile Life Without Parole

Josh discusses the need to end the sentence of Juvenile Life Without Parole. Full Episode Preview Transcript A Full PDF transcript of Decarceration Nation Episode 22 Juvenile Life Without Parole Notes From Episode 22: Juvenile Life Without Parole Josh discusses the ongoing problem of Juvenile Life Without Parole sentences. The News You can easily join […]

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Jessica Jackson-Sloan

Decarceration Nation Episode 18: First Step Act

Josh discusses the First Step Act with his guests Ames Grawert, Jessica Jackson-Sloan, and Jason Pye. Full Episode https://audio.simplecast.com/626de776.mp3 Notes From Episode 18 Preview Transcript Here is the full transcript of Decarceration Nation Episode 18: First Step Act. The First Step Act The First Step Act will be voted on in the U.S. House of […]

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Josh at Democratic Nominating Convention

Decarceration Nation Episode 17: Bars 2 Ballots

Josh discusses his #Bars2Ballots plan for ensuring formerly incarcerated people vote and vote in elections only for candidates who support criminal justice reform. Blah Full Episode Notes From Episode 17 Preview Transcript This is a full transcript of Episode 17: Bars2Ballots The Constitutional Barrier to Voting The 14th Amendment to the Constitution allows states to […]

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Victoria McKenzie editor at The Crime Report

Decarceration Nation Episode 16: Lee Correctional Riot

Josh talks with guests Steve Bailey and Victoria McKenzie about the Lee Correctional Facility Riot. Full Episode https://audio.simplecast.com/0a394e87.mp3 Notes From Episode 16 Preview Just The Facts The Lee riot was the deadliest prison riot in 25 years, resulting in 7 dead and many more injured. My Guests Steve Bailey is the author of many articles […]

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