The Decarceration Nation Podcast, a podcast about radically re-imagining America’s criminal justice system, was created by Joshua B. Hoe to help bring attention to the need for criminal justice reform.

Conceptually, the podcast is an attempt to combine first-hand experience with research to educate, inspire change, and communicate the broad scope of the changes that need to happen. To contact Decarceration Nation, send us an email at DecarcerationNationPodcast[at]gmail.com, or reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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Our Team

Joshua B. Hoe, Founder and Host

Josh has a background in public speaking, debate, and public policy research. He holds a Masters Degree in International Relations, and is a former National College Debate Champion (1990).

Formerly incarcerated, Josh currently works as a full-time policy analyst and social media and messaging consultant. Additionally, he is the host and creator of Decarceration Nation.

His true loves in life are punk, post-punk, hip-hop music, University of Michigan basketball, Dallas Mavericks basketball, and the blood sport of politics. He spends a lot of time studying history, has a peculiar obsession with John Brown, and believes deeply in the notion that freedom should never be sacrificed cheaply.

Robert P. Alvarez, Web and Digital Communications

Robert attended California State University, Chico, where he studied communications as an undergraduate and political science in graduate school.

Among other things, he manages Decarceration Nation’s website and newsletter. He also does communications and media relations for a public policy think tank.

Criminal justice, voting rights, and racial and economic inequality are Robert’s primary policy interests.

Kate Summers, Social Media Coordinator

Kate recently completed her Masters in Community Development and Planning with a concentration in Youth Development from Clark University.

The newest member of the team, Kate is now the social media coordinator for Decarceration Nation. Her previous bylines include WHYY News and Michigan Radio.

When not working, Kate loves hiking, baking, and hanging out with her dog, Muddy.