Josh interviews Lynn Novick, Sarah Botstein, and Salih Israil about the PBS Documentary Series “College Behind Bars.”

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Lynn Novick is an Emmy, Peabody and Alfred I. duPont Columbia Award-winning documentary filmmaker. For 30 years she has been directing and producing landmark documentary films about American culture, history, politics, sports, art, and music for PBS. In collaboration with Ken Burns, she has created more than 80 hours of programming, including The Vietnam War, Baseball, Jazz, Frank Lloyd Wright, The War, and Prohibition. College Behind Bars is Novick’s solo directorial debut.


Sarah Botstein has been producing some of the most widely-watched and acclaimed documentaries on PBS, in collaboration with the directing tandem of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, for more than two decades. A senior producer of College Behind Bars, her recent work includes the award-winning, epic ten-part series, The Vietnam War. Sarah also produced Prohibition, and The War, a series about the American experience of the Second World War.


Salih Israil is a formerly incarcerated software engineer. He learned to code during his incarceration, earning his BA in Language and Literature with the Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) in the process. Upon returning home in 2016, Salih became a Data Analyst with the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund before formally joining the BPI team in July of 2017. As Advisor to the Directors of BPI, Salih played an instrumental role in the establishment of the no-cost-to-students Bard Microcollege at Brooklyn Public Library.

Pictures of Joshua Hoe's interview guests for episode 70 of the Decarceration Nation Podcast: Lynn Novick, Sarah Botstein, and Salih Israel


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Joshua Hoe on the stage at a housing summit in Lansing Michigan discussing housing for formerly incarcerated people with Hakim Crampton and Troy Reinstra

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