Josh and Joel discuss America’s unjust, and racially disparate, system of Cash Bail.

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Notes From Episode 4

Bonus Cash Bail Article

Since this episode posted, I wrote this long discussion of the need for bail reform on the Medium platform.

The Duke

Midnight Run was a movie about a bail bondsman (Robert DiNero) hunting down a bail jumper (Charles Grodin) who was on the run from the mob.

Cash Bail Problems

Here is the full report from the Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard that we refer to throughout Episode 4.

New York Story

Just Leadership USA is a New York-based Criminal Justice Reform organization. One of their major campaigns is the Close Rikers campaign. They are also now pushing bail reform  (synchronicity).

Here is a good synopsis of the Kalief Browder story. I mistakenly said in the podcast that Mr. Browder committed suicide in jail. He actually committed suicide after release (RIP Kalief Browder).

I made mention of Kalief Browder and plea bargaining. Here is some more context on his brave stand.

Texas Tears

Here is a good synopsis of the tragic story of Sandra Bland’s trip to jail in Texas.

Macomb County Jail

There are a LOT of things I could post about the Macomb County Jail. Here is the link to the Independent Report that was done on Macomb.  In addition, there have been a lot of recent deaths at the Macomb County Jail and 18 total deaths since 2012.

Racial Disparity In Cash Bail

Here is the Princeton study on racial bias in bail determinations we refer to during the episode. I am not sure I picked the most explanatory clip from a really important study.

The article in The Nation that Joel referred to tells a pretty scary story about what is happening in Louisiana and around the nation (no pun intended) with cash bail.

Cash Bail Fail

When I talk about the research proving that bail makes us less safe, I am referring to research summarized and cited in the Criminal Justice Policy Project report cited above.

The Supreme Court Cases I referred to were:

Bearden v. Georgia

Williams v. Illinois

Tate v. Short

The article Joel referred to as being from the Associated Press was an AP Summary of this Pew Trusts article about proposed changes to bail around the country.

Harm Reduction

You can get a decent explanation of what we mean by Harm Reduction in this introductory piece explaining the elements of Harm Reduction.

Most of the solutions that we discuss are summarized in the articles cited above.

Okay, that is the notes. We respond to all polite comments. Thanks for reading!

Josh at Democratic Nominating Convention

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