Josh interviews Rob Perez of DV8 Kitchen in Lexington Kentucky. DV8 Kitchen is a business almost entirely staffed by recovering and formerly incarcerated people.

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Rob and Diane Perez, owners of DV8 Kitchen in Lexington Kentucky

Rob Perez is a restaurateur and entrepreneur who recently developed a new restaurant concept called DV8 Kitchen fully staffed by recovering people (many of whom are formerly incarcerated).

Logo of Dv8 Kitchen in Lexington Kentucky, Rob Perez the guest on Episode 58 is the owner of DV8 Kitchen


A full PDF transcript of Episode 58 of the Decarceration Nation Podcast.

Notes from Episode 58

The DV8 Kitchen website will give a you a great feel for their amazing food. I personally have eaten the food twice and it is AWESOME!

They also have a Facebook page and an Instagram page.

I will add more pictures later, because I have more pictures from my time at Rob and Diane’s wonderful restaurant.

A picture of Josh with Rob Perez, his guest on Episode 58 of the Decarceration Nation Podcast

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