Josh discusses the need to end the sentence of Juvenile Life Without Parole.

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Notes From Episode 22: Juvenile Life Without Parole

Josh discusses the ongoing problem of Juvenile Life Without Parole sentences.

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The NFL Players Coalition wrote a letter in response to President Trump’s request for them to send him a list of commutations which they would like for him to carry out.

I agreed with the vast majority of their letter, my only request, in my response, was that they stop using the term “non-violent” to qualify who was worthy of relief.

If you want to watch Knife Skills, it is well worth your time, I am looking very much forward to this upcoming interview. It is about a restaurant in Cleveland that serves as a training center to teach formerly incarcerated people the skills to work in a fine dining environment.

Donna Hylton’s book, “A Little Piece Of Light” is available for purchase now.

Pennsylvania recently passed Clean Slate legislation. Rebecca Vallas is also the host of the Off-Kilter podcast and a friend.

Jamo X

JOsh and Jay Mo X at the 2018 ACLU membership conference in DC
Josh and Jamo X

There are 247 people serving Juvenile Life Without Parole sentences are still waiting for new hearings in the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Juvenile Life Without Parole Decision

The Supreme Court of Michigan decided mostly against people serving Juvenile Life Without Parole sentences last week in a 4-2 decision.

Almost all news outlets published this same AP wire report which leaves out a good deal of what the Michigan decision actually held.

The Case Against JLWOP Sentences

The Main SCOTUS case that started the trend towards ending Juvenile Life Without Parole was Miller v. Alabama. The follow-up decision that allowed for new hearings was Montgomery v Louisiana.

Lisa Yun’s California Interdisciplinary Law Review article talks both about the science behind calls to end Juvenile Life Without Parole sentences and about the international law surrounding the issue.

The quoted ACLU report is called “Racial Disparities in Sentencing.” and it was buttressed by an article in Reentry Times.

Rashad Robinson talked about the problem with prosecutors in his New York Times op-ed about Juvenile Life Without Parole.

Transcript_ Decarceration Nation Epiisode 22 Juvenile Life Without Parole

Josh in the main hall at the ACLU 2018 membership conference
Josh at the ACLU 2018 membership conference

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