Josh and Joel discuss Josh’s history and CSC criminal background..

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Notes From Episode 9


There won’t be too many notes since this episode is mostly personal reflections but I will add some context.

I said a lot of terrible things in chat but the description of where and how that happened was exactly correct. I also pled guilty to sharing adult content which was links to free and freely available web pornography during chats. All of this occurred in the same chat rooms I discussed. All of these things were 100% wrong.

One In Four

The claim that 1 in 4 people in Michigan prisons has a sex offense (Criminal Sexual Conduct) was determined by someone literally evaluating Michigan’s registry. My understanding is that the number of people stays relatively flat but as reform happens for other groups the percentage increases.

When I said “Charlottesberg” I meant “Charlottesville.”

Cycles Of Abuse

There is evidence of cycles where abused become abusers, especially among men.

Victim’s Rights groups believe that the point of registered citizen’s making this argument is to shift the blame but the point is to identify causal factors in order to help find points of intervention to reduce future offenses and to explain that trauma and shame foreground much abuse.

The theme of this episode was accountability but it is also important to help people understand how this kind of thing does actually happen (I am an example of it being true). This does not mean that “all” abused become abusers or that it is an automatic process. The research suggests that most do not become abusers. The point here is NOT that everyone who was abused will inevitably abuse.

On the other hand, research suggests that sexual addiction, risky and[sexually counterintuitive behavior]2 are often an outcome of early abuse.

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