Matthew Charles before his return to Federal Prison.

Episode 19: Matthew Charles

Josh discusses clemency for Matthew Charles with Kevin Ring of Families Against Mandatory Minimums. Full Episode Notes From Episode 19 Preview Transcript This is a full transcript of Episode 19 of the Decarceration Nation Podcast “Matthew Charles” My Guest Kevin Ring is the President of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, a former legislative aide, graduate of […]

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Josh at Democratic Nominating Convention

Decarceration Nation Episode 17: Bars 2 Ballots

Josh discusses his #Bars2Ballots plan for ensuring formerly incarcerated people vote and vote in elections only for candidates who support criminal justice reform. Blah Full Episode Notes From Episode 17 Preview Transcript This is a full transcript of Episode 17: Bars2Ballots The Constitutional Barrier to Voting The 14th Amendment to the Constitution allows states to […]

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Decarceration Nation Episode 15: Suboxone Mail Fail

Josh and Joel talk about the effect Suboxone smuggling has on prison mail across the United States. Full Episode Notes On Episode 15 Preview Thank You To Bill Cobbs Last week, I interviewed Michigan gubernatorial candidate Bill Cobbs. I can’t imagine many Gubernatorial candidates have ever sat down for an hour-long podcast interview with […]

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Bill Cobbs

Decarceration Nation Episode 14: Bill Cobbs

Josh interviews Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Cobbs about Flint, Education, and Criminal Justice Reform. Full Episode Notes From Episode 14 Preview Troubled Waters Not familiar with what is going on with water in Michigan? The State approved NestlĂ©’s new contract to remove even more water from the Great Lakes, Flint had State supplied water […]

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