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Only 2 Episodes of the Decarceration Nation Podcast Left in 2018

Below is the letter that I put on social media, I am only putting out two more episodes of the Decarceration Nation Podcast in 2018.

The next episode will be very soon after the election.

I will continue to prepare new content as I get ready for an amazing 2019!

Thanks so much for the well-over 10,000 listens in 2018. For a do it yourself podcast recorded out of my boarding house room…that feels like a lot!


the steering team of Nation Outside the voice of the formerly incarcerated in Michigan

Josh and the steering team of Nation Outside Michigan

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2 thoughts to “Only 2 Episodes of the Decarceration Nation Podcast Left in 2018”

  1. I signed up for your podcasts with email Everyday I get an email notification for the same podcast 39. This has been going on for a couple weeks and I have to delete a lot of duplicate emails. Can you do something so I just get an email when there is a new podcast? Thanks.

    1. Let me figure out what is going on with that, are you getting an email with 5 episodes? I get that one too, I will see if I can fix that…I am sorry for the delay, I have been on hiatus so I haven’t been checking the site the last few weeks. Apologies!!!

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